A welcoming Place



A mixing studio, in the heart of Brussels.

DojoMix Studio is located less than five minutes by walk from the Main Midi train Station. It is easily accessible by public transport. Situated a few meters away from the small inner ring, its access by car is also fast. Besides it is surrounded with hypermarkets or catering options. In a few minutes, you are at the lively and trendy Saint Gille’s square where you can eat a soup, discuss the project or simply have a drink after a long working day. We are not obliged to go far to work in good conditions!



A friendly space.

We know it well, to work on an artistic project, you sometime’s need to take time for a discussion. Therefore, the DojoMix is endowed with a space of relaxation where it is possible to make a meeting, to eat or to have a short break. This space is equipped with a sofa, a big table, a coffee machine, a fridge and a small oven … and is often supplied with diverse sweets to indulge itself. In this space, it is also possible for the director to have a break or work on internet whilst the mixer or sound editor moves forward on the project.



A building full of charm

Situated in an inner courtyard, DojoMix Studio is already isolated from the noises of the urban agitation. In the small raised yard, it is pretty nice to eat when the sun is there. We share the building with Avolon, a company of conception of projectors for the cinema. It is not thus rare to meet there, and we saw more than a director come to mix to leave with new ideas of lightings for a next project.



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