Mix by DojoMix Studio

Radio Fiction, 39 min

November 1914, Hendrik Geeraert, simple lock keeper at Nieupoort, returned in History.
He flooded the area around the lock for which he was responsible, stopping the German invasion until the Great War. A century later, another lockkeeper, become crazy, immortalizes the same gesture and wakes the ghost of Geeraert. Dismissed for fault, he is walking with his son along the flooded banks.

Director :Maxime Coton
Sound Editor :Maxime Coton
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Under the influence

Mix at DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 78 minutes

UNDER INFLUENCE is a fiction feature film portraying the mysterious and psychotic journey of the actress Julia Gordon, who frenetically turns her imagination into a living world away from the humdrum existence of her contemporaries. Frustrated by the character that she is playing in a new motion picture titled Being Kate Winslet, Julia Gordon finds comfort under the influence of charismatic classic film characters – which she repetitively turns into and which gradually take control of her, making her slipping from obsession into evil and madness.

Director : Sidney Leoni
Sound Edit & Mix : Raphael Hennard

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Sound Edit and Mix at DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 20 minutes


Director : Aude Verbiguié
Sound Edit : Nicolas Kerjan
Mix : Simon Jamart

Back to the past

Sound Edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 20 minutes


Director : Benedicte Philippon
Montage son : Anton Vodenitcharov & Julie Delaere
Mixage : Aurélien Lebourg

Blagny, sur le seuil

Mixing and Voice recording by DojoMix Studio

Documentary - 15 minutes

A family separated by the choices of the life, and through the death of the grandfather the desire, and maybe the bond, to find itself with his father, to try to understand.

Director : Nassim Collignon
Sound Edit : Muriel Bucher
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Sound Edit and Mix by the DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 20 minutes

The sun is about to rise. Up on the roof Michel sees everything, hears everything and feels everything. The view is beautiful, time is passing by. Down in the city, seven extraordinary characters go through the day. Here comes the moon now and it looks like a banana!

Directors : Noé Reutenauer & Tom Boccara

Sound Edit : Frederic-Pierre Saget
Mix: Aurélien Lebourg


Sound Edit, Mix et Musi by the DojoMix Studio

Animation/Teaser - 1 minute 30

Conception : Constantin Beine

Sound Edit : Frederic-Pierre Saget
Mix: Aurélien Lebourg
Music : Antonin Simon


Mix by the DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 19 minutes

Poetric story about a sculpture.

Director : Christina Jekey
Edit (sound and picture) : Diana Dolce
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov



Mix by the DojoMix Studio

7 short documentary - about 3 minutes each

7 Movies of the end of studies, 7 very different projects, 7 different meetings, groups, artists, ideas, realizations in the end.

Directors and editors : Students of Preparts
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg



Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 28 minutes

"Small stories of the world before going to sleep" ( Petites histoires du monde avant d'aller dormir) is like a book of foundfootage. Composed of many stories, funny or tragic,  se présente comme un livre d'images trouvées (foundfootage). Consisted of several stories, some funny some tragic, the movie gets the first words of a father to his daughter who has been born: "here are some images of the world in which you come, look at the faith at its beauty and at its violence!". Mosaic and split up, this visual and sound narrative is a real ode in the life and in the cinema.

Director : Maxime Coton
Sound Edit : Quentin Jacques                                                                                                         Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

Bande Annonce

BRAK (Fallow)

Production Sound Edit at DojoMix Studio

Fiction - 77 minutes

Fortress Europe has collapsed. Norh-Europeans are forced to migrate. Lucas, a middle-class man gets stranded in a coastal village in search of a passage to a brighter elsewhere. Through the difficulties and dilemmas he faces, BRAK explores how far the end justifies the means and how the price we are prepared to pay, can turn a sacrifice into betrayal.

Director : Laurent Van Lancker
Production Sound Edit : Joey Van Impe
Sound Edit : Joey Van Impe & Lazslo Umbreit



Mix at DojoMix Studio

The various missions of the RTBF

Production : Philémon Dedeur
Sound Edit : Vivian Allard
Mix : Vivian Allard


Charles de Bisesero

Sound Edit by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 40min.
20 years after the rwandan genocide.

Director : Carole Messmer
Sound Edit : Frederic-Pierre Saget
Mix: Agota Slikaite



Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 13 min

Laura and Pierre are siblings but adolescence is not an easy time ....

Director : Robin Andelfinger

Sound Edit : Denis Leborgne & Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

Looking for Europe

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 59min

For some, it is an essential and major institution; for others a bureaucratic and ineffective monster.

How works our Europe, mechanisms of which seem often very opaque? In particular, to what is of use its parliament? Who works on it? How do we exchange in twenty four languages there? During several weeks, Olivier Malvoisin filmed the everyday life of those whose European Parliament is the life: members of Parliament, councillors, state employees, interpreters.

Director : Olivier Malvoisin
Sound Edit : Billy Miquel & Diana Dolce
Mix : David Davister & Aurélien Lebourg

Le Film

Accordez-moi une minute…

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 64min
Within an artistic workshop in a residence of the CPAS of Watermael-Boitsfort, builds up itself a heterogeneous group made up of teenagers with mental handicap and elderly of the rest home. In the practice of the art and through the challenge of a public theater performance, each is brought in to (re)discover and to overtake the limits. According to the common experiments of the links are formed. The difficulties of some fade in front of the fragility of others. Sometimes nudged by the visual artist Luc Bernard, sometimes guided by the director Pascale Vander Zypen, the group builds itself in the course of the meetings. The movie redraws the genesis of these intergenerational meetings, introduced by Fabrice Vandersmissen, organizer of the CEC of the Cultural center The Venery.

Directors : Alice Latta, Anne waerenburgh
Sound Edit : Alice Latta, Anne waerenburgh
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

Louise à travers le temps

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 31min
" And every mornings, when I wake up, I say myself, another one day which I have to make..." tell Louise Bal at the beginning of her portrait. 96-year-old, she lives alone with her dog Chiffon in Brussels. At its age, the everyday life and the commonplace movements in appearances are in confrontation with a slowness and a particular determination. The movie dips back her into past and through memories which emerge at the rate of her memory, Louise, in the independent and free spirit, offers us a look on her feminine condition through the last century.

Directors : Alice Latta & Anne Waerenburgh
Sound Edit : Alice Latta & Anne Waerenburgh
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Oeil du cyclope

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 50min
The story of a man who walk to try to escape the alienation, the mechanical repetition of the gestures of the work and, if needed, the quite whole society.

Director : Jen Debbauche
Sound Edit : Sylvie Bouteiller
Mix : Mehdi Ayari

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Upscale by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 60min
At the United-states,  Etats-Unis, the customs officers seized in the year 2000, 2235kg with "pot" from Canada …

Directo : Donald Kimo
Sound Edit : Donald Kimo & Saul Bogati
Mix : Saul Bogati & Aurélien Lebourg

Papillons de Nuit

Mix at the DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 20min
Pauline sees a handsome man in a bar. She invites him at his home in a awkward, but charming way. At dawn, after a short night of love, the unknown becomes strangely intrusive. He does not want to leave

Director : Kaspar Vogler
Sound Edit : Corinne Dubien
Mix : Valentin Mazingarbe


Les voix du Bronze

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Expérimental, 13min
Experimental short film in the form of fugue

Director : Ombeline Tamboise
Sound Edit : Ombeline Tamboise
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov

Le Film

Ce qui coule dans nos veines

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 22min
Julie and Guillaume hide a profound wound which they try to survive day after day

Director : Alexandre Drouet
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov

Le site du Film

Drôle de Guerre

Sound Edit, Mix and Score by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 45min
It is a trip in every corner of the city of Aubagne, accompanied by voices, come of beyond the grave, that come to haunt the urban landscape. It is a story of love, labor disputes, works and war. An adventure to find a peace moment.

Director : Frédéric-Pierre Saget
Sound Edit : Frédéric-Pierre Saget
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov
Music : Antonin Simon

Festival de Nyon


Mix at DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 19min
Goree, a love story and a une histoire d'amour et a work of memory for the oldest continent of the planet is in hiding.

Director : Jean-Dominique Burton
Sound Edit : Loic Villot
Mix : Loic Villot

Le Film


Foley at DojoMix Studio

Best photografy - FIFF Namur

Best ethno-anthropologique film - Festival Dei Popoli

Best Short-films - University of Syracuse in Florence

Great Price - Festival "Signes de Nuit" - Paris

Prix du meilleur documentaire au "Festimages Be"

Documentary, 20min
At the heart of the bush, in the hollow of gravels, a stubborn civilization looks for its future under the ground. Blind either excess clairvoyants, they dig, night and day, pushed by the madness which guides the man until he dies.

Director : Simon Gillard
Sound Edit : Simon Gillard & Joey Van Impe
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov

Plus d'infos

Play Misty For Me

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Radio Documentary (serial), 55min each
The jazz talks about cinema…5 émissions, with Melanie de Biasio, Sal La Rocca, Xavier Rogé, Fabrizio Cassol and Quentin Dujardin !

Directors : Bastien Paternotte & Vincent Dascotte
Sound Edit : Bastien Paternotte & Vincent Dascotte
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Copa Para Quem ?

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Underneath the soccer worldcup show, what impacts for Brazilians?

Director : Maryse Williquet
Sound Edit : Thomas Oberlé
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov

The Documentary




Mon Ange

Sound Edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 23min
JULIEN LAFARGE is a man who drags a sad and tired air. He lives a difficult loving break. Come work as auditor in a factory far from his home, he discovers in the drawer of furniture of his hotel room a package of letters wrapped by a purple ribbon. The next day, after working day to the factory, he opens the package of letters, and the reading of the passionate love letters which he discovers makes him even more melancholic. Disturbed and intrigued by this excess full of overflowing love which emanates from these letters, he decides to search for his editor, but his hopes are broken when he learns his disappearance.

Director : André Goldberg
Sound Edit : André Goldberg & Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

Excerpt (non-mixé)

Que reste-t’il ?

Upscale at DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 48min
Tina and Claude live in a retirement home. They form a young happy couple which lives his love in broad daylight … Only they are an exception in an environment where the solitude of bodies and spirits prevails. What does it thus remain in the end of us days when we are alone?

Director : Felipe Sandoval
Sound Edit : Loic Villot
Mix : Loic Villot

Website of the movie


Upscale at DojoMix Studio

Educational movie, 18min
The day of her nine years, Nola learns that the future of its breakfasts is in danger. A quarrel bursts between her parents about the disappearance of bees. Frightened at the idea of being a day with court of honey, Nola decides to become " beekeeper ". Later, a beekeeper speaks to her about his job, about the pollinating mission of bees and about the importance of the European decisions for their protection. From then on, Nola wishes to meet " King of Europe " to inform him about this alarming situation.

Directors : Loupiote (Non-profit organization)
Sound Edit : Nicolas Kerjan
Mix : Nicolas Kerjan

Le Film

Le Pays (the Country)

Sound Edit, Mix and Musical score by DojoMix Studio

Essay, 13min
The Country, it is the country where we grow up, a country which we hated and what we still hate maybe. A man chooses to return. Slowly, by measuring the paths of the former runnings away, he let images of his past finding himself.
If, yesterday, they were the signs of an inhumanity to flee, today they seem adorned with poetry, and give themselves for what they are really : the footsteps of the for ever lost childhood, a wild freedom disappeared.

Director : Pierre Schlesser
Sound Edit : Frédéric-Pierre Saget
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg
Music : Antonin Simon


Août 14

Sound Edit by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 17min
August 1914 : the German army invades Belgium. German soldiers are on guard : a rumor ( deliberately relayed by their staff ) claims that all Belgians are snipers . A careful mayor obliges the inhabitants of his village to surrender and shoot dogs for security . Jean , 12, fled with Max, the family dog ​​...


Director : Fedrik De Beul
Sound Edit : Frédéric-Pierre Saget
Mix : Samuel Mittelman


L’homme qui sait

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 15min
The man who knows is the first in a series of five short films about the relationship between the Inspector Char and Alan.

Director : Jean-Manuel Fernandez
Sound Edit : Arnaud Riedinger
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov


Avec Lou

Sound Edit, Foley and Mix at DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 22min
Johanna (23 ) limits her visits to the apartment where lived her mother and sister Laura (13) to flash appearances . Since the departure of the father , family relations deteriorated substantially . After a tense weekend , Johanna takes the subway to return to her flatmates. There she meets Lou (13 ), a lonely boy who fled his family home, she welcomes him for the night .

Director : Isabelle Schapira
Sound Edit : Nicolas Kerjan
Mix : Gilles Lacroix



Sound Edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Audience Award at Namur FIFF

Fiction, 30min
Clara, 15 years old, feels in her a strangeness which she cannot express and who is going to lead her to commit an irreparable act

Director : Arnaud Dufeys
Sound Edit : Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


TV Version


Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 15min
A couple wanders in New York

Director : Julie Sokolowski
Sound Edit : Armelle Pignon
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Anna Halprin, Dancing Life

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary (DVD-Rom), 6h30
The life and work of Anna Halprin , through interviews and workshops

Directors : Contredanse
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

Project Website

ShotGun Blues

Sound Edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 18min
The myth of crossroad reviewed underneath a love&hate story

Director : Naïm Vanderbreed
Sound Edit : Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

The Women who loved him

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 25min
A narrative poetrie about ages

Director : Juliette Van Dormael
Sound Edit : Lucas Le Bart & Dominique Warnier
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

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Routine business

Sound edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 19min
Men make history, but they do not know the history they make.

Director : Ian Menoyot
Sound Edit : Frédéric-Pierre Saget
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


L’herbe tendre

Mix at DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 10min
A platonic love between a holidaymaker and resident of the village ...

Director : Sarah Chantelauze
Sound Edit : Loic Villot
Mix : Loic Villot

Film website

Spot for the Belgian Federation of Amateur Improvisation

Sound Edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Serial of promotionnals short videos
Everything is possible !

Directors : Nicolas Gratoir & Olivier Ponteville
Sound Edit : Nicolas Gratoir & Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


La proie pour l’ombre (the substance for the shadow)

Sound Edit, Mix and Music by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 16min
A young woman sinks into the forest to look for refuge in a hut far from everything. The night falls. 

Director : Maud Girault
Sound Edit : Annaëlle Simonet & Frédéric-Pierre Saget
Mix : Anton Vodenitcharov
Music : Antonin Simon



Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction, 50min
Alone in the moist and persistent urban bustle, Jeanne tries to find the North.

Director : Ian Menoyot
Sound Edit : Ian Menoyot & Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Viens !

Sound Edit and Mix at DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 22min
Mouâd is a twelve year old boy living in a village in the mountains of the Middle Atlas Mountains.

Directors : Elise Fay & Bertrand Romefort
Sound Edit : Bertrand Romefort
Mix : Bertrand Romefort

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Sound Edit and Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 45min
Samuel and Yannick, 20 years old, cross the French massifs towards a festival of music. Bound by a profound friendship, they begin a journey strangely marked by the mourning.

Director : Marie Bauener
Sound Edit : Aurélien Lebourg
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

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Le premier son

Mix & Music by DojoMix Studio

Radio documentary, 38 min

Through Alinoe, midwife, this radio raises itself the question of the childbirth at home.

Directors :Clara Alloing et Julie Checinski

Sound Edit : Julie Delaere
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg
Music : Antonin Simon

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