Mix by DojoMix Studio

Fiction – 28 minutes

“Small stories of the world before going to sleep” ( Petites histoires du monde avant d’aller dormir) is like a book of foundfootage. Composed of many stories, funny or tragic,  se présente comme un livre d’images trouvées (foundfootage). Consisted of several stories, some funny some tragic, the movie gets the first words of a father to his daughter who has been born: “here are some images of the world in which you come, look at the faith at its beauty and at its violence!”. Mosaic and split up, this visual and sound narrative is a real ode in the life and in the cinema.

Director : Maxime Coton
Sound Edit : Quentin Jacques                                                                                                         Mix : Aurélien Lebourg

Bande Annonce


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15 May 2015