Louise à travers le temps

Louise à travers le temps

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 31min
” And every mornings, when I wake up, I say myself, another one day which I have to make…” tell Louise Bal at the beginning of her portrait. 96-year-old, she lives alone with her dog Chiffon in Brussels. At its age, the everyday life and the commonplace movements in appearances are in confrontation with a slowness and a particular determination. The movie dips back her into past and through memories which emerge at the rate of her memory, Louise, in the independent and free spirit, offers us a look on her feminine condition through the last century.

Directors : Alice Latta & Anne Waerenburgh
Sound Edit : Alice Latta & Anne Waerenburgh
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg



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13 November 2014