Accordez-moi une minute…

Accordez-moi une minute…

Mix by DojoMix Studio

Documentary, 64min

Within an artistic workshop in a residence of the CPAS of Watermael-Boitsfort, builds up itself a heterogeneous group made up of teenagers with mental handicap and elderly of the rest home. In the practice of the art and through the challenge of a public theater performance, each is brought in to (re)discover and to overtake the limits. According to the common experiments of the links are formed. The difficulties of some fade in front of the fragility of others. Sometimes nudged by the visual artist Luc Bernard, sometimes guided by the director Pascale Vander Zypen, the group builds itself in the course of the meetings. The movie redraws the genesis of these intergenerational meetings, introduced by Fabrice Vandersmissen, organizer of the CEC of the Cultural center The Venery.

Directors : Alice Latta, Anne waerenburgh
Sound Edit : Alice Latta, Anne waerenburgh
Mix : Aurélien Lebourg


Posted on

13 November 2014