Cinema & Broadcast

5.1 system with projection screen for the cinema, or TV FullHD with nearfield if you work for the television or the radio. The Dojo is versatile!

Audio system


The Dojo uses mainly ProTools HD 11, with mac OSX  : The equipment is known, simple and efficient !

Work Facility

Control surface (16 fader), transport and assignable soft key, Ipad to manage your 5.1 pan, 3 screens besides the one dedicated to the video, you can focus on your creativity!


Altiverb 7XL, Speakerphone 2, RX 4 advanced, RX Final Mix, Pro Q2, Elixir v3, Spanner, Pro MB, Sonnow transmod, … what do you need more ?



Need a voice ? see more informations about it in the dojo

Sound Bank

With many years’ crossed between set and post-production, we propose you a completely personal sound library, so that the sound of your movie is unique.

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Cinema & Broadcast


 Working for Cinema

We offer you a multi-channel system 5.1 builds around the series LSR4300 from JBL. LCR system is JBL LSR4328, and for the surround it’s JBL LSR 4326 . LFE is quite naturally the JBL LSR4312 !

To stick with this audio system, we provide you with a projector JVC DLA X30 and a big screen of projection of 9,8 feet large, transsonore weaved for a minimal sound attenuation.




Working on broadcast projects

DojoMix Studio also allows to work on the sound for the small screens, like television or computer. For that purpose, we provide you with nearfield clear and smooth, Neumann KH 120.

It would be absurd to have a nearfield and to watch video on a big screen, that is why we provide you a FullHD TV.

And the radio in all this? The passage of the near field to the main system is made in the twinkling of an eye and allows you to verify so easily what will give a radio broadcasting or a public listening!

Audio system


ProTools HD 11

One of the most spread software in post-production, so there is no question about compatibility if you need to record dub somewhere else, or if you want to check the entire session in a giant auditorium for example.

It run under Mac OsX 10.8.5, processor i7 – 3,5GHz, 32 Go of Ram (DDR3 1600MHz), SSD (system + DATA) for an access and a work always faster. Finally, double back-up are automated so that your work is safe: you can be zen.


Audio workflow : Simply efficient

Good loudspeakers without a good sound card are nothing. DojoMix Studio opted for RME from the beginning to the end! QuadMic, BabyFace & ADI 4DD. This configuration allies ease of use and coherence, thus quality in the sound depiction.



Facility Work


3 screens

Besides the projection screen (projector FullHD) and the television (Philips 32PHK4509) dedicated to the video, we provide you with three screens to create a wide workspace: two screens 16/9 FullHD and a screen 4/3. Windows of edition and mixing, plug-in, sound card I/O display, all this takes up some room and nothing is more irritating than to have to close the one to see the other one, with 3 screens + the iPad, no concern of this kind; and if by any chance you wished to work with a window of vertical edition, no worries either, screens turn in 90 degrees. That you want to edit, to mix or to record, all the working configurations are possible: the only limit, it is your imagination!



2 Artist Mix – 16 faders

To mix or just to try a bit in the edit process, there is two control surfaces for DAW : two Artist Mix from Avid. You will thus have at the end of fingers a total of faders 16, 16 controls of plug-ins, 16 displays, etc… You can also assign the tracks which you wish on chosen faders, for a faster access to your most used tracks.



Protools Control

This iPas App allows a visualization of 40 tracks at atime, and thanks to the color coding system the selection is hyper fast ; as the Artist Mix banks to selection, it definitely speeds up your workflow !



The Artist Transport

In addition to the 2 artist mix, the Artist transport allows you to navigate easily thanks to its weighted wheel and spring-loaded shuttle ring, but much more, you can assign a bunch of soft key to pretty anything ! Some of them are the preview, clip gain, new windows configuration, vertical scroll, …




Touch-sensitive screen, to manage your 5.1 pan

Thanks to the association of an IPad Air and of the Spanner plug-in, you can manage your pan with the fingertips. Brush the touch-sensitive screen, and choose exactly where you wish to place your sounds in the space. The advantage of the IPad, it is also the recognition of the multi-touch, that authorizes you to automate several sources at the same time, without owing linking and delinking ; make movement of car from right to left, or openings of atmospheres 5.1, with a precision and an incredible realism.

With this touch-sensitive screen, the Dojo offers you the fifth screen completely devolved to the panoramic and which obeys the finger and the eye. Finally, especially in the finger!




Altiverb 7 XL & Speakerphone 2

Kind of the great “blockbuster” of convolutions reverberations, Altiverb 7XL is essential to any professional mixing. Whereas speakerphone, we can make a lot without it, but it is so much simpler and efficient with it!


Izotope (RX5 Advanced, Ozone 5, Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Insight & RX Final Mix)

Will it be for its well known denoiser and spectral repair, its level compliant meter or some filters like the new dynamic EQ (RX Final Mix), Izotope is one of the best developer of plug-ins. Tested and felt, we totally trust them.

Sonnox (Dynamics & Transmod)

Finally in AAX format, transmod is a fantastic tool, i.e. to fade out some details in a sound and make it further, and the dynamics sounds tremendously !


Flux (Elixir 3)

Because Elixir 3, Flux is, according to our listening test, one of the very best limiter on the market, we provide it to you. Moreover, is one of the few to manage 5.1 limiting.

Waves (WNS, L3, Vocal Rider, Pack Broadcast & Production, Pack Musician, C4)

Waves is a great classic of the developpers of plugs-ins, with which every mixer has its habits. We has to propose you their plug-ins.

FabFilter – Séries Pro (Pro Q2, ProMB, Pro C… etc)

In terms of sound quality, ergonomics and simplicity of integration, proQ2 is a best to be discovered! And when we put ourselves in fab filter, we get to like it, we thus put the series Pro, including among others a great multiband compressor / expander, at your disposal.


Maggot – Spanner 2

Starting a pan movement with 2 sources linked and finishing it with those 2 sources unlinked without stopping, listening the LFE in solo, doing an audiosuite downmix, and so much other possibilities ! Wheter you use it in “classical” way or in combination with the Ipad, once mastered, the spanner become obvious.



Rec Ready

The Dojo Mix Studio is dedicated to edit & mix, not to record, but sometimes you don’t have the choice and need to record during the edit, so if you need to record a voice-over, or add small foley, you can. At your disposal, you have mainly a Neumann KMS 104, and a Sennheiser MD441, which you can use with a quadmic and the babyface




Sound Bank


5.1 or stereo ambiances, realistic FX or sound design oriented, noisy city or soft wind in the nature, the dojo sound collection is huge. Most of some sounds have been added thanks to our professionnal experience, but also around our trip or daily life. We’re always hearing, ready to record a sound you won’t find anywhere else, because we want a perfectly shaped and unique sound for your project. 


High def sound

GB sounds


Original sounds

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