What a pleasure to have been able to come to DOJO MIX STUDIO as the mixing sound of our documentaries!!! Even for sound recordings which had unfortunately been badly managed, Aurélien has more than one trick up his sleeve “to clean” parasites sounds, give depth where there was almost nothing, to highlight a voice which got involved in a hubbub … via such and such little plugin of which he has the secret… His arsenal of effects is impressive and its sound quality is such as he always proposed us depictions in any sharpness, knowing how to work the nuances on the closer … a real magician who gave a new dimension to our stories! We shall return!!

Louise à travers le temps & Accordez moi une minute...” 

Anne Waerenburgh
 (Memoire vive ASBL)

Air Display

Air Display allows to have the desktop extended to the iPad, and so, to have windows configuration recall of Protools , as well as other possibilities.